Photo of Graham and his kids on a bike-camping trip

Howdy! I'm Graham Freeman. I'm a SuperNerdDad in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.


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I work in information security and resilient IT infrastructure in renewable energy.


Most importantly, I'm a doting dad, and I have a strong interest in engaging in the world around me. I'm especially fond of intentional community, e-bikes, solar power, sea kayaking, and photography.


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Hosted on GitHub Pages, using Jekyll. Backed up to AWS CodeCommit. Served via CloudFlare. Load-tested with Performance monitoring by StatusCake. Build validation with Travis CI. Sanity-checking with Git-Secrets and other linters. Security scanning with Cert Spotter, linkchecker, Nessus, and Dependabot. Operational alerts and reports fed to Slack for effective chatops.

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[1] There is a well-reasoned debate in which at least one brilliant infosec mind makes a powerful case against the use of DNSSEC. By using DNSSEC on my personal portfolio, I intend only to demonstrate my competence in its use, and suggest that it can be worth using under the right circumstances (with an appropriate threat model). I respect the arguments against the use of DNSSEC, and factor them in to my decisionmaking process.